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        Professional Design and Manufacture metal wall insulation board forming machine, integrated wall board forming machine, European roller shutter door forming machine, polyurethane foamed roll forming machine, and other cold bending roll forming machine.

        Metal engraving board equipment
        Rolling shutter door equipment
        Door frame forming machine
        Metal embossing machine

        Products Category

        We are committed to put down roots in the manufacturing industry,In-depth scenarios for product design and innovation to build end-to-end solutions for our customers.

        Company Introduction

        Customer satisfaction is our consistent pursuit

        Jiangsu Chuanghe Roll Forming Machinery Co., Ltd
        Jiangsu Chuanghe Roll Forming Machinery Co., Ltd is located in 18 wan, Hudai district near by the Taihu lake, in Wuxi city, Jiangsu province, 110 km far away from Shanghai. Technology leads future, innovation determine success, Jiangsu Chuanghe has the best roll forming design by copra software Germany. We are young teams with lots of experiences on roll forming machine design, process the most automatic production facility. Our main products include Foamed Roller Shutter Roll Forming Machine, Garage Door Forming Equipment, PU Injected Panel Forming Line, Australian Style Roller Shutter Roll Forming Machine, Fireproof/Security Door Forming Equipment and Related Accessories Forming Machine, Wall/roof Panel Forming Machine, C/Z Steel Purlin Roll Forming Machine, Roll Forming Machine for shelf, highway guardrail and AD gusset plate, and etc. By professional design and advanced technology, Jiangsu chuanghe has passed ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, and CE certification, and also got qualification of SCS China steel construction manufactory prize, roller shutter roll forming machine and more 2011 reward of labor honesty and morality enterprise of Jiangsu province. After arduous effort with technology power and brilliant worth, our talent and strong production capacity and good after service, Jiangsu Chuanghe has owned the favor customers around the world, Our sales cover many provinces in Zhejiang, Shandong, Hebei, Heilong jiang, Guangdong, and Shanghai in China market. In addition, Our products are exported in India, South of Asia, Russia, Europe, Middle East, the U.S.A and South of Africa these areas. We are highly recognized and totally agreed by our customers. Standing at new height we face our new opportunity and challenges, Jiangsu Chuanghe will develop the tradition and keep forward to the future, and we will still focus on quality and more market, gain bigger profit, and principal Quality first, Reputation first, Customer first, Leading technology, We are decorating a cooperated grand vision to create a brilliant future!
        Successful case
        R & D Engineer
        Technology patent
        Automatic production line

        CONTACT US

        Chuanghe Roll Forming Machinery will create a harmonious happy tomorrow with you!

        Contacts:Wen Kaitong

        Phone: +86-15152221771 +86-13357917888

        TEL: +86-510-83205888

        E-Mail: wxchuanghe@vip.126.com rollforming@yeah.net

        Add.: No.18, Xizhong Road, Hudai Town, Binhu District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province

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